A Shop with a Story – Whisporia is a chandlery that brings magic to life through evocative scented candles and wax melts. Hand-poured in small batches in our North Norfolk cottage, each wax product is made with care and attention to deliver not only an enjoyable scent but a whole magical experience.

As the people behind Whisporia, we know just how important scents can be to evoking memories and imagination, through our products we hope to help you recall special moments whilst also creating intrigue of fictional worlds. Our scents are carefully selected and painstakingly tested to ensure excellent throw and true-to-life smells, our branding and packaging lovingly designed to encompass that feeling of decadence and magic. From start to finish, your entire experience with Whisporia should be one of intrigue and excitement.

We hope you’ll join us, stay a while and come to realise that lighting a match is just the very beginning of a whole magical experience.
– Paul and Emilie