Bibliophile Candles are a unique way to gift the book lover in your life an experience rather than just a book token! It can be so hard to shop for a book fanatic when it seems like they’ve read (or have in their TBR pile!) every single book you come across. So why not gift them something a little special with their book token this Christmas and wrap it up with a Bibliophile candle or two. Lighting that candle and curling up under a blanket with a warm amber glow is sure to appeal to any bibliophiles romantic heart.

Here are our top 3 scents for this festive season that are sure to have the bibliophile in your life reaching for their book before the turkey is even out of the oven!

Bibliophile Candle #1: The Bibliophile

We couldn’t start this list with anything other than The Bibliophile signature scent. This candle is pure books in a jar! Combining that musky comforting smell of old loved pages, with the fresh excitement of a new book that never had it’s pages opened, all with a warming undertone of mahogany shelves… could it be any more perfect.

This bibliophile candle would be ideal for someone who dreams of owning their own library or running their own book store. Give them that comforting aroma of books new and old, and help them live out their dreams as they read. It would pair great with a token to a local independent shop, or if you’re looking to get them a book instead, why not choose a leather bound classic like The Complete Novels of Jane Austen

The Bibliophile Candle

The Bibliophile Candle – a comforting scent that transports you straight into a bookshop

Bibliophile Candle #2: The Professor

Our Second choice is another from our Signature collection, this time The Professor. A more distinguished scent with oak and cedar woodsmoke mixed with rich leather, a decadent candle for the academic in your life. This bibliophile candle is one of pure luxury.

This candle would suit someone who prides them-self on their intellectual taste and academic prowess, maybe they’re a professor in the making or maybe they enjoy scientific non-fiction, or perhaps they’re drawn to historical fiction. It would pair perfectly with a subscription to an academic journal or perhaps a copy of Stephen Hawkings: Brief Answers to the Big Questions.

The Professor Candle

The Professor Candle – a decadent rich scent reminiscent of old University libraries

Bibliophile Candle #3: The Barista

Is there any better combination than a warm comforting drink and a book? How about a richly scented candle that fills the room with the scent of fresh coffee. With an unmistakeable coffee scent, with delectation base notes of vanilla this candle will make your book loving pal feel like their sitting in the warm world of a coffee shop, all whilst never needing to leave their house.

This candle will suit the book lover in your life who loves coffee almost as much as they love books, if you’ve ever seen them balancing a mug or takeaway cup upon a stack of books, then this is the candle for them. It would pair perfectly with a coffee subscription or a copy of a bestseller that just can’t be put down like Matt Haig’s: The Midnight Library 

The Barista

The Barista – an unmistakable aroma of freshly brewed coffee

Which one of these entices you in the most? Leave a comment below with which Bibliophile Candle you’re going to be gifting to a book lover this Christmas. Or if you’re a book lover yourself, we’d love to hear your recommendations for new books to add to our TBR pile!