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Meet Cute - Cherry Bakewell

Meet Cute - Cherry Bakewell

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She's running late for work, the coffee line was longer than normal. Finally reaching the front she orders her usual White Mocha and Cherry Bakewell.
Dropping her purse in a rush she profusely apologises to the people behind her, desperately trying not to make eye contact as she crawls across the floor collecting coins. He calmly learns over her, tapping his card and paying for her order. She looks up from her knees, straight into his dark brown eyes as he hands her her order...
  • Top & Middle Notes: Cherry, Almond
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Pastry
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Hand-Poured in Norfolk, UK

Hand-poured, small batch scented soy wax candle with a cotton wick in an amber glass jar with a gold aluminium screw lid.

All candles are made by hand with love in our North Norfolk cottage, so small imperfections such as frosting, wet spots, and sinkholes may be present. However, this doesn’t take away from the experience.

Fully tested, fully insured, and CLP compliant.

Please refer to our safety information page before burning.

Please note we are unable to sell candles or wax melts to any EU country including Northern Ireland due to the requirements as laid out by the European Chemicals Agency. If an order is placed containing these items we will unfortunately need to refund them. We are so sorry for this inconvenience and will continue to work on alternative ways to reach our European customers.

Customer Reviews

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Amber Slack
Spot on scent!

Adore this candle - the scent is so convincing! Beautiful packaging too.