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  1. Carmela De Luca Bossa

    I love this, I will certainly make this candle my next purchase. All these fragrances are so unique I can’t get enough of them!

    The Alchemist (Sample)The Alchemist (Sample)

  2. Carmela De Luca Bossa

    This was so unusual and I still can’t make up my mind about it, maybe it will grow on me.

    The Innkeeper (Sample)The Innkeeper (Sample)

  3. Carmela De Luca Bossa

    This is perfect, I will definitely buy the candle next time, it’s like sitting in a florists shop!

    The Walled Garden (Sample)The Walled Garden (Sample)

  4. Carmela De Luca Bossa

    This was my second favourite after the Bibliophile but will definitely buy it again.

    The ProfessorThe Professor

  5. Carmela De Luca Bossa

    This candle is simply gorgeous, I can’t wait to add more to my collection after buying some samples of the other fragrances. They are all lovely!

    The BibliophileThe Bibliophile

  6. Jenny

    So I’m relaxing in my conservatory, catching up with some sewing and enjoying an afternoon cup of tea, and to add a touch of decadence I have my Whisporia Royal Glasshouse candle lit. The sweet scent of citrus and herbs fills the air with undertones of wood and moss – perfect!

    The Royal GlasshouseThe Royal Glasshouse

  7. Jenny

    This candle is one of my favourites with an exotic scent of soft floral and vintage wood – a truly beautiful combination.

    The BibliophileThe Bibliophile

  8. Nina

    Wow! this candle is a complete experience…from the packaging, glass jar and label to the candle itself.
    It encapsulates everything about Whisporia.
    The Alchemist is a beautiful scent……unmistakably floral with the smouldering and timeless scent of patchouli.
    Thank you Whisporia, I love it…..the whole experience has been a delight.
    10/10 I’ll definitely buy again.

    The AlchemistThe Alchemist

  9. Kate

  10. Kate

  11. Kate

  12. Jenny Hogg

    A beautiful, not too floral scent which filled the room with the aroma of summer – love it 😍

    The Walled GardenThe Walled Garden

  13. Jenny Hogg

    Gorgeous fragrance with just the right balance of scents. Will definitely be buying this one again 😍

    The ExplorerThe Explorer

  14. Jane Mckay

    My favourite…so far! Really rich and warming

    You're the Apple of My PieYou’re the Apple of My Pie

  15. Jane Mckay

    Absolutely love this candle, delicate, fresh berry fragrance that fills the room

    Winter BerriesWinter Berries

  16. Jenny H.

    A gorgeous subtle, classy scented candle that smelt much more expensive than it was. Lasted well and looked gorgeous. Well packaged and arrived quickly.

    The ProfessorThe Professor

  17. Jenny H.

    Gorgeous spicy citrus seasonal scented candle, beautifully packaged. This lasted throughout the xmas period and filled the house with a lovely scent. Will definitely be buying more.

    Whitbridge Christmas MarketWhitbridge Christmas Market

  18. Philip R.

    Our favourite! Thoroughly enjoyed each relaxing evening with the background aroma that filled the house with Christmas.

    Whitbridge Christmas MarketWhitbridge Christmas Market

  19. Philip R.

    Christmas in a jar with warmth and sparkles 💫

    Magic and Mince PiesMagic and Mince Pies

  20. Philip R.

    Loved the spicy fruit and homely feel of this delicious candle aroma

    Frosted Cinnamon BunsFrosted Cinnamon Buns

  21. Philip R.

    Lovely warm and welcoming aroma that filled the room with luxury and comfort. Incredibly relaxing and atmospheric. Thank you!

    Autumn in WhitbridgeAutumn in Whitbridge

  22. Kat L.

    Delicious scent of autumn evenings! Burns well, and scent is strong but doesn’t overpower at all. Beautifully packaged, will definitely be back to try more scents!

    Autumn in WhitbridgeAutumn in Whitbridge

  23. Sara Hook

    The gift tag was beautiful and I’m definitely adding them to gifts from you in future. It felt like I’d bought from a shop from a bygone era, which for me totally is up my alley. All of the gift packaging is so perfectly presented. This is why I shop independent.

    Gift Tag Add-onGift Tag Add-on

  24. Sara Hook

    I can’t rate the candle as it was a gift but I just know my friend is going to love it. As soon as she has opened it and burnt it, I will email you some feedback on what she thought!

    The BibliophileThe Bibliophile

  25. Jane

    This one has a beautiful rich Berry scent with a gentle hint of spice, filling the room with the deep amber glow from the jar.

    Winter BerriesWinter Berries

  26. Charlotte Robotham

    I really love the Professor candle name and this candle smells amazing.

    The ProfessorThe Professor

  27. Charlotte Robotham

    This candle smells just like fresh out of the oven cinnamon buns. It is incredible how this candle smells not just of cinnamon but of all of the scents of fresh out of the oven buns. This candle is perfect lit on cold winter nights.

    Frosted Cinnamon BunsFrosted Cinnamon Buns

  28. Sharon Bland

    A burst of berry fruitiness, lovely and refreshing and a little bit spicy too. Delicious.

    Winter BerriesWinter Berries

  29. Sharon Bland

    A beautifully rich and spicy scented candle with its whisky and woody fragrance filling the room. The amber jar gives a cosy warm glow – a perfect accompaniment for a cold winter evening. They are packed and presented with care and would make wonderful gifts.

    The InnkeeperThe Innkeeper