The Secret Maze (Sample)

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The Secret Maze (Sample)


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Individually packaged single star shaped sample.

Neatly clipped hedges and gateways carved between the leaves. Twists and turns, dead ends and decisions, statues looking on with knowing expressions. The unique feeling of being lost whilst safely contained within a place of perfect design.

A vibrant scent with fresh citrus, praline, and woody undertones.

  • Top Notes: Calabrese lemon, calamansi, sage
  • Middle Notes: Cardamom, praline
  • Base Notes: Ebony, patchouli, black amber

We are both always drawn to mazes, the feeling of magic and mystery. Summer days walking between tall hedgerows trying to find your sense of direction. We wanted to create a candle that embraced that excitement and mystery you feel at every corner, the decisions between left and right, the anticipation of what the middle of the maze may hold. All whilst being surrounded by nature and beautiful design.

2 in stock

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Hand-poured, small-batch scented soy wax melt.

All wax melts are made by hand with love in our North Norfolk cottage, so small imperfections may be present. However, this doesn’t take away from the experience.

Fully tested, fully insured, and CLP compliant.

Safety Information

  • Never burn for more than 4hrs at a time
  • Never leave the wax melt burning unattended
  • Ensure the wax melt is burnt on a flat, level, heat-resistant surface
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Ensure the wax melt is not near anything flammable
  • Do not burn near an open window or any drafts
  • Ensure no foreign materials are present in the container before burning
  • Please handle the container with care while or after burning as it will be very hot
  • Stop burning the wax melt when 13mm (1/2″ in) of wax remains
  • Avoid contact with the skin and eyes – if contact is made, wash/rinse carefully. If irritation persists, please seek medical advice immediately


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