Welcome to Whitbridge, a town where history and mystery hide around every corner, where magic weaves its way through the streets, and where strangers can become the very best of friends.

Follow along as we explore the town, revel in its magic, and get to know the people who call this place home.

Nestled in the rolling hills of Southern England is the beautiful town of Whitbridge, albeit smaller and much less well known than its cousins Cambridge, Durham and Edinburgh – Whitbridge is unmistakably cut from the same cloth. Proud of its history and University status, the town boasts one of the oldest Libraries in the United Kingdom and is home to not one, but two impressive Cathedrals. You may be thinking to yourself, why have I never heard of this place – well dear reader, whilst Whitbridge is loved by many, it is known to few. The town is the last of the Ancient Towns, those which used to be scattered across the county, to still hold it’s magic. You may feel it in the air when walking the streets of Edinburgh at dawn, you may notice a glimmer out of the corner of your eye whilst standing in Lincoln cathedral, and you may even hear the whispers of magic on the wind around Norwich Castle. But like so many others, these places have lost almost all of their magic.

Back many centuries ago, the townspeople of Whitbridge made a very difficult decision, they saw towns up and down the county growing and expanding, and with that came modernisation and technology, slowly at first, but rapidly taking over, and when technology thrives, magic dies.

Early one morning on the 25th January the gates to Whitbridge were closed for the final time. The elders weaved a net of magic around the city walls, out into the adjoining villages, through the ancient trees and along the shimmering river, encompassing everything safely inside. The town vanished from maps, faded away in books and those who tried to follow road signs found themselves lost and travelling in circles. Whilst the decision was not taken lightly, and came with a sense of sadness, the day became one of celebration, of treasuring that which the town held so dearly.

From that day forward Whitbridge has remained hidden, some townspeople have left to undertake further studies, follow a career or find love, but almost always they find their way back. Those who don’t slowly find themselves forgetting the magic, passing memories off as childish imagination and moving on into the modern world where magic is so easily dismissed. Each year a small select few students are invited and welcomed into Whitbridge from outside, carefully chosen for their abilities and skills, but most importantly for the spark of Magic the towns elders see within them. Sometimes they are found through family lines that have previously left the town, sometimes spotted by chance through townspeople reading newspapers brought in from outside, but each one unique and special and giving the people of Whitbridge hope for the future.

The town lies on the banks of the River Calnain, with the White Bridge which gives it its name, crossing magnificently across the water. Two main roads form the structure of the Old Town (Northbank and The High Street) with smaller roads and passageways connecting them, spreading out into concentric roads to the north surrounding the Royal Quarter. University buildings are scattered around the town between shops and houses, with the Library located at the end of The High Street looking down the hill into the town.

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