We Believe in the Magic of Stories...

Around every corner, tucked behind shelves and hidden behind doors, there is magic.

Small Whisps of magic, just outside your field of vision, missed by most people as they rush about their everyday lives. These Whisps hide between the pages of books, in the cobwebs of forgotten shelves, glimmers of light and hope.

On the days when the world feels heavy, the to-do list never ending and the ground spinning beneath your feet... may our products bring small sparkles of magic to remind you to slow down, look around...and find the magic in every day.

  • Handmade & Curated in North Norfolk, UK

    Everything was either made or curated by us to make the best products possible

  • Made From High Quality Materials

    From the wax in our candles to the paper for our stickers, we only use the best materials

  • Family Owned and Run Business

    Whisporia is a passion project for us both and we wouldn't have it any other way