About Us

Whisporia is a shop that brings magic to life through evocative scented candles and wax melts, journaling supplies, bookish gifts and more.

Handmade and designed in our North Norfolk cottage, each product is made or curated with care and attention to deliver a magical experience.

All our designing is done in-house with passionate attention to detail and fellow booklovers in mind. Our scents are carefully selected and painstakingly tested to ensure excellent scent throw and true-to-life smells. Finally, our branding and packaging is lovingly designed to encompass that feeling of magic. From start to finish, your entire experience with Whisporia should be one of intrigue and excitement.

Whilst we began our journey back in 2020 with just candles and wax melts, we've expanded our shop to include so much more, all with the goal of bringing magic to life.

We hope you’ll join us, stay a while and come to realise that lighting a match, placing a sticker, or tucking in a bookmark is just the very beginning of a whole magical experience.

  • Emily

    Landscape Architect by day, lover of pages, plants and planners. Often to be found with a cup of tea and ten books on the go at once.

  • Paul

    Digital Marketer by day, lover of guitars, games and good chocolate. Often to be found with a strong coffee and a sci-fi novel.