Painted Devils by Margaret Owen - Book Review

Painted Devils by Margaret Owen - Book Review

Review by @elle.cheshire

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I absolutely loved this book!

It’s the perfect sequel to Little Thieves. I enjoyed Little Thieves but this one was just amazing.

It’s funny, heartfelt and complex. I really liked Vanja in this story. She’s still prickly and self doubting and hurt but she’s grown from book 1 and she retains that growth in Painted Devils. You can understand her motivations and really empathise with her. I absolutely adore how sweet and kind Emeric is with her and their romance is one of my favourites. It’s sharp girl/ soft boy dynamic which isn’t my usual but it’s just so beautiful and heartfelt and sweet. They’re both awkward and soft and in love, it’s adorable. (It also allowed for some very hilarious scenes!) i really appreciated how the author handled Vanja’s trauma and how despite outside pressure Vanja and Emeric take their relationship slowly and choose to simply be whatever they are on their own terms.

After Little Thieves Emeric really knows and understand Vanja. He doesn’t berate her for doing questionable things, he listens and understands why she did it and then works to make sure she feels like enough for him. It’s honestly just so pure and beautiful.

And I love that Vanja causes such much shenanigans, it’s fun and chaotic and I’m so here for it. But this time she does it for good reasons. She explores herself more and realises that whilst she’s not ‘good’ she’s what the downtrodden girls of the world need when the law fails them. All the funny moments and dramatic scenes are tempered with important themes and introspection. I really enjoyed how the author maintained this balance. It not only entertained but had me emotionally invested.

The plot was interesting and I enjoyed each new part of the journey. The start was hilarious abut I loved getting to explore more of the world. I also really liked that a large subplot related to Vmaj The ending was explosive and really satisfying… that is right up until the cliffhanger!!!

The world itself is one of my favourites. I love the German inspiration and all the creatures and gods and grimlingen that populate it. It’s unique and whilst it’s still fairytale/ storybook esque it feels grittier than normal fairytales. I enjoyed getting a range of creatures and seeing more of the lore and magic.

Overall it had everything I wanted and more. It made me laugh, me me feel and had me invested from the get go. Definitely a standout for me and I cannot wait for another book with these characters and this world.

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Review by @elle.cheshire

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