Collection: Blind Date with a Book

Blind Date with a Book

Treat yourself to a Blind Date with a Book, beautifully wrapped with a selection of bookish goodies to accompany your reading.

Each book is selected for you based on the information you give us, whether that’s a link to your Goodreads/StoryGraph, a selection of books you’ve enjoyed, or even just a hint as to the kind of thing you feel like reading - we’ll work our magic to send something your way that might just turn out to be your next favourite read!

What’s included

1x Paperback book, all our books for Blind Date have a good reads rating of 3.5 or above, so you can be sure it’s been picked with other readers' thoughts in mind. All books are new and unread. 

1x Ticket Review Bookmark. Exclusive Whisporia designed bookmark perfect for reviewing your date, in your chosen colour theme. 

1x Colour Themed Rollerball Pen with Black Ink, perfect for writing that review or making notes as you read

1x Genre-themed Book Club Vinyl Sticker. Exclusive Whisporia design to match your bookmark and in your chosen colour theme.

3-5x Vinyl Bookish Stickers all in your chosen colour theme, perfect for adding to Kindles, laptops, book trolleys, book journals and more.

Your Book and Goodies all come wrapped in black paper with folded pockets, labelled with your chosen genre, and tied with a pretty matching ribbon.