The Sweetest Betrayal by Natalie Mae - Book Review

The Sweetest Betrayal by Natalie Mae - Book Review

Review by @elle.cheshire

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This book was EVERYTHING. It was such a perfect conclusion to the most underrated YA fantasy.

Zahru is one of my favourite protagonists ever, and she was just as brilliant and entertaining in this book. We left her at the end of the Cruelest Mercy having made some morally questionable (and just plain bad) decisions and now she is lying to her friends about what exactly happened with Kasta and his abdication and has developed some significant trust issues (which is fair enough after everything she’s been through!). Her friends get more and more worried about her and the lengths she’ll go to as the book goes on. I was obsessed with the hero corruption arc in the previous book and Nat gave us the perfect development and conclusion to this.

I enjoyed the overall plot with the war with Wyrim and Zahru’s continued desire to end it peacefully despite Wyrim’s clear intent for violence. The story is fast paced and full of exciting entertaining and intense interactions. The world gets expanded and we get to see Zahru liking her best Mestrah life. The plot was compelling and additive but really it’s the characters I’m beyond obsessed with. I really enjoyed that most of the story Zahru and her friends were together, the whole cast of characters were a delight like usual. Hen was the MVP and absolutely hilarious. Everyone needs a friend like Hen, I love her, and she added the best kind of chaos to the story. The group dynamics were amazing, and I spend so much of this book laughing because the characters and Zahru’s thoughts were so entertaining. The humour of this series is one of my favourite things because it just makes me so happy and just forces you through all the feelings and it’s the best. And for all the Jet fans he gets a really wonderful end to his story – I wasn’t expecting it but it actually worked so well!

Now most importantly, KASTAZAHRU. Kasta is one of my favourite love interests, his character arc through the series is epic and I’m awed by Nat being able to redeem him so well without losing who he is. He’s the perfect morally grey prince, smart, cunning and his dedication to Zahru in this book had me melting. At the start of The Sweetest Betrayal Zahru does not trust Kasta at all but she also can’t stay away from him. After everything they’ve done to each other Zahru can’t let him go but she can’t bring herself to trust him either – even though she’s taken away his hunger for power and she finds this version of him to be her kryptonite. He sees her and supports her in a way her less morally corrupt friends don’t. Kasta and Zahru are one of my favourite romances, the way their relationship develops through the series is epic and I needed this book to give me all the Kastazahru content and IT DELIVERED. I don’t want to say too much but let’s just say this book gives ‘touch her and die’, ‘who did this to you?’ jealousy trope and so much angst and tension. It was the perfect conclusion to their story. I loved that they didn’t brush over their past and all the things they’ve done together but still found a way to move forward.

I am beyond happy that this book exists. It gave me everything I needed and more. I couldn’t have imagined a better way for this series to end. The character growth for all of the characters not just Zahru and Kasta was top tier. It has given me the worst book hangover because I just cannot let go of these characters and this world. I already cannot wait to re read!

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Review by @elle.cheshire

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