Wicked Walking by Claudia Cain - Book Review

Wicked Walking by Claudia Cain - Book Review

Review by @elle.cheshire

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This was a fantastic sequel! The ending of Lovely, Dark and Deep gave us an idea of what the plot of this would be and it didn’t disappoint. The mysterious entity that followed Cass out brought this story to a new level of dangerous and creepy and I was so here for it.

Cass and Merich hunt tirelessly for this entity after its escape from beyond the veil and when it makes its move things go downhill rapidly. Cass is still reeling from the events of book 1, suffering nightmares and is determined to get out of town just as soon as the Child is dealt with. Unfortunately the Child is no easy foe to defeat. Impossible to track until it shows itself and with a shield of human flesh to stop Cass and her family from killing it, the entity is ceaseless is its hunt for freedom. The plot was creepy, full of tension and had much higher stakes with far more severe consequences than the first book. I loved the progression and the plot kept me on my toes.

I also really liked that the author made sure to show the impact these events have on Cass and her family. The trauma and fear were real but the bickering family kept it at bay through sheer force of will. The conflict with Louisa came to a head - I’ve been dying to know what secrets she’s keeping and for someone to demand answers! It didn’t go as I expected but we learn some concerning information. I cannot wait to see how this unravels in the last book!

The dynamics between all the characters really connected me to them. I love the different sibling dynamics though really feel for Cass as it always seems to come down to her to make the hard decisions and fight for the people who need help. I also liked Will’s subplot and the development of the romance.

I don’t want to say too much but this book crushed my heart (cue emotional damage but we love it 🤣) with some of the events and I am highly concerned for the characters going into book 3! Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The vibe is something I can’t get enough of and I love the blend of contemporary small town, witches and creepy thriller. The writing is great and I’m definitely invested in these characters and their story.

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Review by @elle.cheshire

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