I Wish you Would by Eva Des Lauriers - Book Review

I Wish you Would by Eva Des Lauriers - Book Review

Review by @maria_bookshelf

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This book was such a lovely read and it has everything I love about YA romcoms: nostalgia for the teenage years. I loved the teen drama, everything is so ‘end-of-the-world, the miscommunication due to insecurity, the hope and courage to be true to your feelings and above all, the innocence and the intensity of everything you do when you’re a teenager.

I loved how all characters were complex and felt genuine and relatable. The plot was really nice with this ‘friendship never ends’ vibes for the whole senior year class, the different clicks, being scared about the future, the letter and all the drama! Teenagers live with their hearts on their sleeves it’s amazing and as we grow older, we kind of lose that a little bit (sometimes for the better, sometimes not so good). I even found myself shedding a tear or two towards the end!

This was a very quick book to read and I almost read it in one sitting!

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Review by @maria_bookshelf

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