The God and the Gumiho by Sophie Kim - Book Review

The God and the Gumiho by Sophie Kim - Book Review

Review by @maria_bookshelf

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is a KDrama in writing format! If I could, I would give this book more than 5⭐️s! I absolutely loved this book!

Reading The God and the Gumiho felt like watching a kdrama for the first time: magical, captivating and enchanting. The first few chapters felt a little confusing with all the folklore legends and monster’s names but as soon as got a handle of the names, it went very smooth! I will be honest, I didn’t want to stop reading this book: Hani is such a good FMC, she’s confident, funny, is not scared to speak her mind and harbours a massive secret - she might or might not be a very very old famous Gumiho. Seokga is just trying to complete his penance of sending 20,000 unruly creatures to hell so he can go back home. He seems cold and filled with hard edges but in reality, once his walls come crumbling down, he is kind, just and very sweet!

I really liked Seokga and Hani’s relationship: the way they start as enemies because he just keeps picking on her whenever she makes his coffee; then transform into working together; their banter and feelings growing and them changing to be the best version of themselves. They felt like they really do belong together! All the secondary characters were also very exciting and super interesting to follow and I did not see the plot twist coming - who the nightmare/fear demon was!

I also loved the end. I always feel that with scenes like that, you do need this extra little bit, this extra paragraph, this extra epilogue to close the chapter in your heart. And it was truly, in a very Korean fashion!

This was my first book from this author and I guarantee it won’t be the last!

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Review by @maria_bookshelf

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