Upgrade by Blake Crouch - Book Review

Upgrade by Blake Crouch - Book Review

Review by Whisporia

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨

“What do you call a heart that is simultaneously full and breaking? Maybe there's no word for it, but for some reason, it makes me think of rain falling through sunlight.”

I'd been eagerly waiting for this book from Blake Crouch for about 5 months before its release. His last books 'Dark Matter' (5/5), 'Recursion' (4/5) and the Wayward Pines trilogy (4.5/5) had me hooked and wanting more of his fast-paced, big-picture stories. So, naturally, I jumped right in the day it came out and only emerged for air and more coffee. His chaper-ending cliffhangers always keep me hooked!

In some ways, Upgrade did and didn't live up to my excitement. The story brings a lot of original ideas to the table and makes you question the potential of how far we should let science change our lives, and the writing is fantastic as always. The character development isn't quite as strong as his previous books, and the plot essentially boils down to a sibling war for the sake of humanity.

Part of the reason I enjoyed Dark Matter and the Wayward Pines trilogy so much is the twists and turns around every corner (and Recursion to a slightly lesser extent). I didn't find this as much in Upgrade. The excitement is there and Crouch does a great job of telling this story, but it doesn't have the same sense of discovery and curiosity that his previous works do.

Overall, it wouldn't be my first choice for anyone looking to get into Crouch's books, but it does make for a great read.

I would recommend this read for anyone who enjoys fast-paced sci-fi that leaves you with questions about the future. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone looking for a light-hearted pick-me-up or doesn't particularly enjoy use of scientific terminology.

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