Whisporia Box - March 2024

Ivygate Castle

This box told the cosy fantasy story of a botanist student and her friend saving the city of Everdawn and the Royal Wedding through the use of magic and friendship.

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Where magic blooms, friendship follows...

22-page story magazine included:

  • Cosy Fantasy Playlist
  • Discovering Everdawn: A city of magic and myths
  • The Travelling Fair of Mr Purlair
  • Behind the Castle Walls
  • Royal Announcement
  • The Royal Wedding story
  • "When Magic Blooms, Friendship Follows" article
  • Candle

    The Royal Wedding - Scents of Jasmine and Patchouli

  • Wax Melt

    Ivygate Botanical Gardens - Scents of Oakmoss and Amber in leaf shapes

  • Bookmark

    Lyra's shelf shaped bookmark with silver tassel

  • Sticker Packs

    3x shimmering potion bottles

    8x Lyra's Shelf vinyl die cut stickers

  • Mystery Item

    Miniature magical potion bottle that changes colour when shaken

  • Postcard

    Personalised thank you and contents postcard from us to you

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