Collection: Bookish Candles

Whilst machines churn out candles to fill supermarket shelves, we pour our hearts into each and every creation and make all our candles by hand in small batches. 

From heating, measuring and blending the perfect wax to slowly pouring and topping by hand, our process is a labour of love.

Each jar is checked and cleaned with care, every wick placed and trimmed by hand, and every label designed and applied with attention to detail. 

Finally, each package is hand-packed with a sprinkle of love, ready to fill your space with that warm glow only a candle can give. Whether you choose something like woodsy like Leaf Covered Lane or fruity like The Astronomer you’ll be safe in the knowledge it’s been made with the utmost care. 

There’s a time and a place for mass production, for making things in staggering quantities and with break-neck speed, but this is not that place. By choosing a hand-poured candle or wax melt from us you’re choosing an experience that’s truly crafted with dedication and devotion to ensure every single burn is as beautiful and safe as the last.