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The Bookish Advent Calendar

The Bookish Advent Calendar

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Please note all Advent Calendars ship end of November for December opening. Once handed over to Royal Mail/International Shipping providers, delivery times are outside of our control, and we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date.

You will receive a tracking number at the time of dispatch. Please note, we cannot see any further tracking details than this and items are not considered lost by Royal Mail until a minimum of two weeks after expected delivery date.


The Bookish Advent Calendar (24 Days)


The Whisporia Bookish Advent Calendar has returned for 2023! Filled with bookish accessories, gifts and collectibles this is the perfect treat for all book lovers. This year is even bigger and better with brand new products, some firm favourites and some surprises too!

Some items are practical and useful for your reading journey, some are just pretty and sure to add a little something extra to your shelf and more. We might sneak some items on Instagram over the coming months, but we’ll keep most a surprise until December! You can however check out last years advent in our reels or guide, and see some reviews on the product page.

It’s also worth noting the items contained in the calendar are not adult-specific, but we’d recommend YA and above readers, just to get the most from the contents, again if you’re buying for a younger reader just drop us a message and we can discuss if it might be suitable.

The Book Journal Box (24 Days)


Additionally this year we are excited to be offering The Book Journal Box. This will contain a mix of stationery and stickers perfect to set up a new journal for 2024 or beyond (don’t worry nothing specifically dated so you can use it anytime!), plus it even includes the Journal! A5, dot grid, 160gsm smooth pages and absolutely stunning!

12 Days of Bookmarks (12 Days)

SOLD OUT (All Ages)

SOLD OUT (18+)

12 unique bookmarks for all those cosy reads. Each day will feature a brand new design, you can expect different shapes, sizes and materials - perfect to start or add to your bookmark collection!

These are split into;

All Ages - Suitable for Adult or Teen readers across genres

18+ - Contains references to smut/spicy reading


  • Payment plans are available through PayPal, subject to your account, chose PayPal at the checkout and select the Pay in 3 option. This gives you all the same benefits & protection as a normal PayPal payment without having to pay upfront. This is credit, so please use responsibly.
  • If you’re buying this as a gift - please put the recipient's name in on the address page as unless we hear otherwise this is the name we will use.
  • We will be offering the calendar internationally,  however there are some countries we’re unable to ship to, drop us a message if you’re not sure, and cannot guarantee delivery for the 1st of December. There may also be some items that differ in international advents due to international selling regulations, but don’t worry they’ll all be of equal value & still just as special.
  • If you missed last year's have a look at our IG guide for an unboxing of each day. Some firm shop favourites appeared in their such as the library card stickers, TBR tickets and star garlands! This year we have some absolutely amazing things across all 3 advents, December truly can’t come soon enough!
  • Shipping in November a box will arrive on your doorstep filled with individually wrapped gifts to open during the month of December (or to open all at once if you can’t resist waiting!). Each day will contain an item created and curated with a reader in mind. It’s not Christmas themed or in any way related to Christmas apart from being an “Advent” calendar, if you don’t do Christmas don’t worry - this is still absolutely for you! They are not genre-specific, but if you love fantasy, romance, history, magic and mystery - you’ll be sure to feel at home!
  • These calendars are already heavily discounted so we are really sorry but no discount codes or vouchers will be able to be used. Please also purchase this item on its own. If it is purchased with anything else, we will need to send you a separately shipping fee for the other items.
  • Please bare in mind, the advent calendar sold out in 2022 (even after multiple restocks!), so whilst we have upped quantities this year, we cannot guarantee that these will still be available near Christmas and would recommend pre-ordering as soon as you are able (please see bullet point above regarding payment options should you wish to spread the costs).

If you've purchased a box previously, be sure to leave your review below.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gaynor Smith
The best journalling start!

The book journalling box had everything I needed to start my journalling journey!!! Everything is fab and I’ve loved creating beautiful spreads in the included journal. Would really recommend this as a brilliant starter box - getting journalling bits can be addictive though!

Maria Alves
Extremely lucky to snag one off-season

I loved seeing all the unboxings leading to December 25th and seriously regretted not getting one for myself! However, I was extremely lucky there were lefties and snagged one! All the items are so thoughtful and beautiful and I love the idea that it's some sort of "started" kit for getting into journaling! Will definitely be getting one this year!

Emma Soar
Amazing value for money

I bought 2 of the advent calendars this year abd was not fisappointed at all. My daughter had the 12 days of bookmarks (over 18) and she loved every single one. I had the Bookish Advent and I couldn't believe the variety and quality of goodies on every day. I loved every single one and will definitely be buying again this year.

Kay Stevens
Gorgeous Surprises Every Day

This was my first bookish advent calendar and I absolutely adored every item. Everything was so special and unique and you could tell a lot of thought had gone into the collection. I cannot wait to purchase full size versions of the candles that were included as they were simply divine.

Angie Venturi

I absolutely loved my Advent calendar! It was a lovely thing to look forward each day and the attention to detail was phenomenal! As much as possible, things were tailored to my favourite colours, personalized with my name, or just so thoughtful! I can't wait to use everything all year long!